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  • ASP/Cloud Servers save your office  costs of buying/maintaining expensive servers and keeping an IT staff on-site.

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ICD-10 is OLD News.....

Still Fighting with It?

AMB Services was ready for the new ICD-10 code sets and bill mappings.  That means our clients were ready, too.  We take care of everything for them, ensuring a seamless transition and a consistent revenue stream.   AMB Services works with each office specialty to make sure the codes and the billing are correct.  Regardless of the changing deadlines surrounding ICD-10 code sets and other Federal implementations, our clients are confident that their claims will be submitted correctly so that prompt payment continues to happen.....One less PM/EHR to worry about!

Our coding and billing services are provided by our team of Registered Medical Coders and we never outsource your billing or coding to an offshore company.  Nice to know secure means secure.....

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