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AMB Services began in 1991 as a billing service. We were one of the first companies offering EDI services for commercial, medicare and medicaid claim processing. At that time paper claim processing was the norm in this field. Most providers that did file electronically only submitted Medicare and the Blues using this method. Submitting Electronic Commercial Claims was a new concept back over twenty years ago.

We soon discovered that our clients had a need not only for the Billing Service but also for the software, training and support in-house so we became a Value Added Reseller for several companies that provide systems and services relating to electronic claim processing. 

AMB services and products include not only systems but also clearinghouses, direct interfaces for claim processing, statement and per-certification services with companies such as Emdeon (VAR since 1992 on our statement processing via Expressbill) Gateway EDI (VAR since 1998 when they begin) PC-Ace (Medicare part A/B Interface ANSI program) and numerous other companies that provide needed Practice Management and Electronic Healthcare Record system for healthcare providers.

To schedule an appointment to discuss the specific needs of your practice, call us at (800) 493-3453.

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We NEVER outsource your billing to off shore companies.  We use only registered medical coders and billers for your billing needs.  At AMB Services, we work on commission from what you get paid.  If you don't get paid, then we don't get paid.

About Our Coders

Setup, training and support for Total MD and Total Charts with optional integration of Voice Recognition Software.

Practice Management

Electronic Health Records

Stimulus compliant EHR systems and ASP solutions for Mac and Windows.  Setup, support and training available.

Billing & Coding

"If your office is dealing with ICD-10, PQRS, VBM and whatever else is coming then you need AMB Services staff on  your billing."

- Kelly Billing Manager

Family Practice Clinic

"Support was always an issue for us until we found AMB Services--now if we have any problem they are there for us and get it resolved timely." 

- Lynn RN

Surgical Consultants PC

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"We had problems with no claim follow-up and poor insurance payments for years until we signed on with AMB Services.  We could not be happier with the turn-around it made for us!"

- Jan, Office Manager

Internal Medicine Associates

Amb Services "Medical Billing-management"

Insure your claims are submitted accurately and efficiently, resulting in steady revenue streams.  Our team of registered medical billers and coders are members of ARHCP and AAPC.

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Medical EDI Services - Billing - Coding - Practice Management Systems - Support

"If you want a billing staff that is never late, always there and takes care of your billing then AMB Services is what your office needs."

- Rick, Practice Manager

Rural Health Clinic