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"After reviewing several leading systems, I found TotalMD had exactly what I needed at an unbelievably low price. The software is extremely easy to use and has drastically increased my practice’s cash flow. It even links to my existing electronic medical records software."   Joshua MD, Georgia

"Since we have implemented TotalMD, it has been a great help for getting paid quickly, and has made our billing of transactions a lot easier.  Truly, I think, it has been a great asset to the company and myself."   Janice, Office Manager & Anthony MD, Family Medical Office, Georgia
PM-EHR Revolutionizes the Practice Management Market
 All systems in the electronic health record marketplace allow you to chart, e-prescribe and sign documents, but few of them allow you to use that information for user-designable and accessible reports from within a simple patient search window, generate useful needed patient education at the point of care or correlate decision support to the patient’s medical history. AMB Services is a Value Added Reseller of TotalMD that does all this and more. 

Integrated Practice Management

Combined with a proven practice management solution, TotalMD offers an effective solution for the next generation of medical record systems. TotalMD offers functionality found in systems costing tens of thousands more. This system has been designed to help you deliver better care for your patients with a simple, easy to use interface giving you control of your patient charts, data and your economic future. This patient-centered system will help you govern and run your practice in a professional and easy to use way.

TotalMD goes beyond basic standards and allows you to have true interoperability with other systems using its ability to import standardized records (CCR/CCD) by importing data as a viewable document to true data field level importing of a patient’s problem list, medication list and medication allergy list from a referring physician or recent hospital discharge.

Measure Your Care
In order to support payment reform initiatives, and to stay current with full payer incentive programs, you’ll need an EHR that can not only demonstrate true interoperability, but measure your care in effective and useful ways. With TotalMD’s ability to identify patients that are meeting your process and outcome related objectives as well as track historical data points, Meaningful Use criteria is easier to access and report.

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